Criminal Defense

Courtroom gavel

Courtroom gavel

David has the reputation of honesty and zealous representation

When you are represented by attorney David Ridings in the case of any criminal charges, you will have the best criminal defense possible. David will devote the time and attention necessary to defend you. He will aggressively assert your rights, challenging the validity of any evidence that the police and prosecutors may have collected against you. Especially with crimes against a person, it is important to focus on the true issues and the actual evidence.

David Ridings will work to keep inflammatory and irrelevant evidence out of the courtroom, and if it is allowed, then to minimize the unfairly persuasive effects of such evidence. He has worked on high profile murder cases and defended boldly and successfully. This is the type of defense you need regardless of the criminal charges you face—from DUI to crimes against person.

Attorney Ridings fights each of his cases vigorously, analyzing every angle in order to achieve the best possible results for his clients. David’s experience as a police office for nearly a decade coupled with his successful law practice has allowed him a unique perspective and working knowledge of the criminal justice system from all sides. This is the type of defense you need when facing any criminal charges.very legal remedy possible to present a strong defense so as to avert a conviction.

Areas of Practice Include:

Family Violence
Drug Offenses
Sex Crimes
Sealing Records
Juvenile Offenses
Probation Violations

Representation in State and Federal Courts

Sometimes your case comes down to being more about personalities and relationships, that it is about the law. Attorney David Ridings enjoys an excellent reputation for honesty and zealous representation. He has also built a great reputation of strong work ethic and integrity during his years of service as a police officer. He is aware of the everlasting impact criminal charges can have on you and those you love. Once you become a client, David is accessible every single day for all of your questions and concerns. While no one can guarantee results, you can be assured that Attorney Ridings will fight aggressively for your rights. He has achieved extraordinary results on felony and misdemeanor criminal cases. If you need an experienced criminal defense attorney to represent you, call today for a free consultation.

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