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David Ridings is Considered the Best Nashville DUI Lawyer

Arrested for DUI in metro Nashville or middle Tennessee? You need the help of the best Nashville DUI lawyer that experience can make. You need David Ridings. Ridings is a highly skilled Tennessee DUI attorney with more than 26 years of total experience encompassing all areas of the criminal justice system. He spent 10 of those years as a law enforcement officer working the streets of Nashville with the Metro Nashville Police Department, as well as other middle Tennessee Police Departments. He spent another year working with the prosecutor’s office in Davidson County on special assignment, and now almost 15 years additional experience as one of Nashville’s Premier DUI Attorneys. Attorney David Ridings specializes in handling all types of criminal cases… but his focus and passion is on DUI cases. Ridings knows the law and understands the tactics that are often used by law enforcement and prosecutors in DUI cases. He has participated in hundreds if not thousands of DUI cases and has overseen countless evidentiary hearings. His background gives him unique insight into the mechanics of a case and how to construct a strong defense of your rights.

As both a former law enforcement officer, as well as his time with the prosecutor’s office, and now a very successful DUI defense attorney, Attorney David Ridings is able to view all sides of every case he takes on, thus making it much easier to formulate a successful defense. With cases ranging from simple first offense DUI arrests to multiple offenders and vehicular assaults based upon intoxication, Ridings has experience defending the full gamut of possible charges. Because of his extremely strong DUI background, he has become known as one of Nashville’s best DUI lawyers with a very high rate of success. His unique background has been an excellent training ground for your defense:

  • Over a decade as a decorated police officer in middle Tennessee including Metro Nashville Police Department
  • Over 15 years of trial experience as a criminal defense attorney
  • Worked alongside the prosecutor’s office after leaving the police department.
  • Has earned the respect of judges, prosecutors, and the police because of his experience and dedication.
  • Wide ranging knowledge of the criminal justice system having seen it from all sides.
  • While David Ridings is considered the best Nashville DUI lawyer by many, especially his clients, his practice is not limited to DUI defense. But his experience and dedication to this area of defense is second to none.

An experienced DUI lawyer, David has a thorough understanding of breathalyzer and FST (field sobriety tests). He also has training and experience on how to read the Chromatography Graphs (underlying blood test data), finding mistakes in the implementation of the blood test. This includes the review of data that was collected and the ability to challenge these tests when it is found that they were inaccurate or improperly given. In DUI cases, law enforcement officers typically administer field sobriety tests, after which they give a breath test or blood test, to determine your blood alcohol content (BAC). If necessary, Attorney David Ridings can retest blood samples through a private lab to properly analyze and review it. The end goal would be to uncover a lower BAC than the state found, and/or lower than the legal limit when the arrest occurred. As you should expect from the one of the best Nashville DUI lawyers, Ridings will review and challenge all possible aspects of the case, leaving nothing to chance in defending your rights., including taking photographs of the arrest scene and reviewing police videotape of the stop, when available. Both of those tactics, in the past, have led to either the complete dismissal of the DUI in some cases, or at a minimum the reduction of the charge to Reckless Driving, or Reckless Endangerment. You might be surprised how often the police DUI video recording of the event, helps the defense. It actually helps the defense much more than it helps the state in their efforts to prosecute you.