Former Metro Police Officer

Law Enforcement Experience
Attorney David Ridings career spans over ten years of service and experience gained in the criminal justice system as a police officer in Middle Tennessee. Starting as an intern with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation on the Governor’s Task Force on Marijuana Eradication, Attorney David Ridings traveled across the state investigating the Marijuana production trade. Then, he enlisted with the Murfreesboro Police Department as a patrol officer in the late 1980’s. He later served with the Metro Nashville Police Department for almost a decade. During his Master’s studies, Mr. Ridings interned at the Tennessee Board of Parole. There, Mr. Ridings was able to widen his knowledge base concerning the criminal justice system. With this experience Mr. Ridings has developed the way he investigates his cases, which has ultimately proven invaluable to his client’s defense. The invaluable relationships that have been built along the way still prove useful in his practice, even today.