Property Crimes

Property Crimes



Crimes against property occur when someone’s personal possessions, property, or money is taken without the permission of the owner. The most common property crimes include the theft of jewelry, high tech devices, high end cameras and such but can include any property of note or value.

Property crimes pose a number of difficulties for police and prosecutors due to the nature of the evidence involved. In cases where burglary, theft, or breaking and entering is involved, surveillance video is often poor in quality and eyewitness testimony can be mostly unreliable. Crimes of vandalism or the defacing of public or private property, usually takes place at night, making it hard to identify suspects. At Ridings Law Group, P.C. our criminal defense lawyers work diligently with forensic professionals in exposing weaknesses in the prosecution’s case against you if you are charged with a property crime. Due to the life-altering legal consequences that are involved, it is always in a person’s best interest to obtain the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney who has the legal background and knowledge it takes to successfully fight theft and property crime charges. Your best defense if involved in such a case is to immediately get solid, experienced representation from Attorney David Ridings.


Robbery is a property crime that usually includes the threat of violence; because of this, robbery is considered to be a violent crime. When the commission of the crime includes the use of a gun or knife and the victim suffers serious injury or harm, the charge is increased to aggravated robbery and especially aggravated robbery, respectively.


Probably the most common property crime is shoplifting—the theft of goods from a retail establishment. While most retailers have increased security measures to thwart shoplifters. This non-violent crime is responsible for business losses into the billions of dollars each year throughout the United States. Penalties are generally less severe than general theft, but a conviction for shoplifting is still serious and can have a detrimental effect on the perpetrator both in terms of a criminal record and in many cases fallout that comes from others finding out about such conviction… not the least of which could be your current or future employer.


If an individual enters a building with the intent to commit a felony, assault, or theft, this is considered a Class E or D felony burglary, depending on the circumstances. The charge can be increased to aggravated burglary if the person enters a building designed for habitation or especially aggravated burglary if the inhabitants of the building suffer bodily injury.

Felony Theft

In Tennessee, embezzlement, false pretense, fraudulent conversion, larceny, receiving or concealing stolen property, and other levels of thievery are considered theft. If an individual steals property or services valued higher than $500, the charge becomes felony theft with varying degrees dependent upon the value (i.e., $500-$1,000 = Class E felony). Felony theft convictions can result in serious consequences such as time in prison, heavy fines, and years of probation and/or parole.

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