Drug Schedules

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Drugs and drug paraphernalia

llegal drugs and controlled substances and its trafficking is a growing problem and great concern in America and one that every state must deal with. Marijuana, heroin, hallucinogens, and the incredible growth of methamphetamine production and use is growing at an alarming rate and if you are charged with a drug violation it can lead to the most drastic penalties. In Tennessee, drug users and sellers who are found in possession of methamphetamines—can be charged with a serious Schedule II drug violation.

What are Drug Schedules?

Under Tennessee law each drug is classified into a specific category based on a number of factors including risk of addiction, danger level, and possibility of medical use. These classes, or schedules, range from I to VII with Schedule I being the most dangerous and Schedule VII having the lowest risk of dependency. The following table displays the seven schedules and their associated drugs with addiction risks, danger, and medical uses.

Schedule Drugs Addiction Risk Danger Medical Use
I LSD, Heroin High High None
II Meth, cocaine High High Possible
III Anabolic Steroids, Ketamine Moderate Slight Possible
IV Sedatives, Tranquilizers Slight Slight Accepted
V Tylenol w/Codeine Low Slight Accepted
VI Marijuana Low Low Possible
VII Butyl Nitrate Low Low None

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