Drug Crimes

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Drug Crimes, Including Possession

What starts as a less serious drug charge – for example, the possession of a small amount of a controlled substance – can be a legal catastrophe given certain circumstances. When you’re charged with a drug crime and have a previous conviction or you were near a protected zone (such as a school zone), had minors with you, whether involved with the incident or not… or, you were carrying a firearm… the criminal penalties could be greater.

Attorney David Ridings realizes that there are many possible charges one could face if arrested including:
Drug possession
Narcotics trafficking
Criminal drug conspiracy
Smuggling by car, plane, or boat
Possession with the intent to deliver
Manufacturing or Delivery of Marijuana, Methamphetamines (Crystal Meth), Ecstasy (X) , Cocaine (Coke), Heroin and Ketamine (“Special K”)
At Ridings Law Group, P.C., Ridings is a Nashville Criminal Attorney and he understands the complexities of the law. He possesses experience that you just can’t get from a book, and knows all sides of the criminal justice system with over 25 year of experience as a police officer, his time with the District Attorney’s Office, and his 14 plus years as a criminal defense attorney. David Ridings will review police procedure in detail to determine if you were the victim of an illegal search and seizure. He knows how the police officer was trained, because he was “trained” as a police officer. He completed two different police academies and excelled as a police officer from the beginning, receiving multiple awards during both. Focusing on Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Fourteenth Amendments Ridings will identify whether an illegal search and seizure has occurred and use that information to your benefit, whether in front of a Judge, a Jury, or during negotiations with the District Attorney. Sometimes such discovery leads to a complete dismissal of all charges against a client.

In some drug cases, investigators will conduct a “knock and talk” tactic. That involves law enforcement officers walking up to a residence or motel room, knocking on the door, and asking to talk to one of the residents inside. Sometimes they will even stand outside and listen for bits of conversation implying drug use. Then they knock and ask to “talk” in order to gain entry without a warrant. In these cases, you have the right to refuse entry, or to even “talk” to the officer. But most people don’t know that, or they are too scared to “exercise” that right. In any case, it is important to remember as much information about the contact with police as you can, to ensure that your Nashville Criminal Attorney has the pertinent information.

Also, in those cases involving drugs found during the search of a car, prosecutors must establish officers had probable cause to search your vehicle. Attorney David Ridings can often assert successful defenses to these intrusions, and in some cases get vehicle searches and illegal pat down searches dismissed. Ridings will work vigorously to build a defense and protect your rights in an effort to establish an acquittal, but in any event and often more importantly, to keep the drug charges off of your criminal record.

At Ridings Law Group, P.C. using our Nashville Criminal Attorneys we are prepared to aggressively fight charges against you. Every detail and witness statement is analyzed to reveal evidence and information the prosecutor doesn’t want to discuss at trial… Especially that evidence that would tend to lead a jury or judge to have “reasonable doubt” as to your guilt. Drug charges in Tennessee can have severe consequences, including forfeiture of property and incarceration which impact your life today and in the future, leaving no room for error in your defense.

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