Nashville DUI Lawyer

Have you been arrested on a DUI charge?

In the moments following an arrest, you need a lawyer who focuses on your best interests and secures your rights, starting with your right to remain silent. Getting legal advocacy from David Ridings, one of Nashville’s best DUI lawyers, is essential to the success of your defense. Facing the criminal justice system without legal representation is never in your best interest. David will speak with the prosecutor and police to discover all the essential facts regarding your arrest and to prevent any infringement on your personal rights.

You need an experienced Nashville DUI lawyer

You need an experienced Nashville DUI lawyer like David who can cut through the intimidation that sometimes accompanies an arrest. Law enforcement may tell you that pleading guilty immediately to a DUI charge in your best interests. But, pleading guilty without a lawyer is NEVER the best course of action. Attorney Ridings fights to overcome the odds you face with tough minded experience, legal knowledge and trial defense that shows his unique background in all areas of the criminal justice system, including law enforcement, the prosecutor’s office, and as a successful Nashville DUI lawyer. David Ridings understands the benefit of preparing cases for trial, even if a plea bargain is eventually reached.

At your free initial consultation regarding your DUI or any criminal charge, Nashville DUI lawyer David Ridings will give you factual and true assessment of your case. He will discuss and of the options you may have. Once you know where you stand in going to trial, he will help you determine the best strategy for your case.

DUI charges, if you are convicted, can have long-term consequences that could include a suspended driver’s license and increased insurance rates, and even jail time. Avoid the collateral damage to you and your family that comes from not getting aggressive and competent legal representation.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to have a solid defense for your case. Call Nashville DUI lawyer David Ridings now for a free consultation. Knowing where you stand within the criminal justice system and the specific proceedings you face is essential for you to work with David to provide the best possible defense.

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