SCRAM Bracelet

The SCRAM bracelet monitors the alcohol content of your blood. This bracelet incorporates continuous alcohol monitoring and house arrest into one. It performs over 48 alcohol tests per day and transmits all data at least once during the day.

Under what circumstances would it apply to a DUI convictions?

Others charged with DUIs are being required to simply submit themselves each week for mandatory blood/urine screening for drugs and/or alcohol. These conditions of bond are being required as a result of new legislation for offenders charged as a multiple offender of DUI.

The above restrictions and regulations are being enforced up until the offender goes to trial, or until the charges are otherwise resolved by plea. There are sometimes circumstances by which you might be relieved of these conditions of bond by filing a Motion with the Court prior to your trial date, and your attorney can help you determine your eligibility for such pre-trial Motions.

After the driver serves their minimum jail sentence, the court may place the driver on probation, during which he or she will be required to collect litter on public lands while wearing a brightly colored vest which clearly states, “I am a drunk driver.”

Additional penalties for drivers who commit DUI offenses with a minor child in the vehicle: If there is a child under 18 in the car when the driver committed the offense, the minimum jail sentence is 30 days and the minimum fine is $1000 even if the offense would otherwise be punished less severely.

Source: Tennessee Code Title 55 (Motor and Other Vehicles) 55-10-403(a), 55-10-403(s)