Arrested? Need a Nashville DUI Attorney? A Nashville DUI Lawyer?

DUI-with-keys-214x300At Ridings Law Group, P.C., our only purpose is to make sure you get the best possible defense of the criminal charges you face. In Tennessee, DUI charges are serious. Timely help is essential in defending your good name, reputation and even your future prospects regarding a career, family, and professional licensure. You need a qualified, experienced attorney with the experience to provide strategic and creative solutions for the situation you are facing. At Ridings Law Group, P.C., you will be represented by a true and tested attorney who employs essential professional resources to build you a solid and aggressive defense right from the start.

In Tennessee, a DUI charge can have an immediate impact on your life. It can create a permanent conviction on your criminal record, and it could cause you to lose your driver’s license. Many times it will affect your employment opportunities and may lead to jail or prison time. DUI Attorney David Ridings has worked all aspects of the system from law enforcement to a successful career defending criminal cases. He understands that good people are often charged for a crime in which the odds against them seem insurmountable. You need every possible advantage to fight the charges you’re facing whether they are DUI, domestic charges, theft, embezzlement, or any other misdemeanor or felony. Charges involving a DUI accident resulting in serious injury or death can have even greater consequences.

At Ridings Law Group, P.C. Nashville Criminal Defense Attorney David Ridings will fully evaluate your case, and explore ways to undermine the case against you. If you face DUI charges in Nashville, depending on the specifics of your arrest and processing he may be able to:

  • Challenge the legitimacy of the stop.
  • Fight search and seizure violations.
  • Challenge the validity of Breathalyzer results.
  • Challenge the validity and expose subjectivity of field sobriety test results.
  • Expose weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.
  • Help you get a restricted license when available (a license that will allow you to drive anytime anywhere with an interlock devise in your car)

The state of Tennessee has toughened its laws regarding DUI and you need to understand how these changes can affect you. At Ridings Law Group, P.C., Nashville DUI Attorney David Ridings will do everything possible to fight your case. Ridings will conduct a review of all records to understand all of the weaknesses in the State’s case. He will do everything he can to challenge the way in which the State gathered the evidence, and when required will work with experts in order to come to an accurate understanding of breathalyzer and blood test results. Because of his years of experience working throughout the criminal justice system, Ridings understands the way the prosecution builds a case. There may be several reasons for him to challenge the evidence gained when you were stopped— and even the stop itself when warranted. Ridings will look for any procedural mistakes made by the arresting officer and be able to determine if grounds exist for a dismissal of your DUI charge or circumstances involved that could result in an acquittal.

You should not take a chance with just any law firm or single lawyer with less experience. Attorney David Ridings has thorough knowledge of law enforcement from his time on the streets of Nashville with Metro Police Department. He has familiarity with prosecution tactics from his time with the Davidson County District Attorney’s Office. And he is the premiere choice for your case with over 17 years successfully defending people just like you charged with DUI. Your rights need to be defended and it starts by understanding the proper course of action based on the facts of your case. By hiring David Ridings, you will be represented by an attorney who has the skills, determination, experience and knowledge to defend your rights. He prepares for trial if necessary and is skilled in the art of negotiation should you decide to avoid a trial by jury. Nashville DUI Attorney David Ridingsexperience in law enforcement in Murfreesboro and Metro Nashville making countless DUI arrests understands that the procedure in building cases for DUI is the holy grail!

Ridings will put his vast experience and street smarts to work to ensure you are fairly and accurately represented. This is the kind of unique advocate you need if you are facing serious consequences involving a DUI charge. Don’t delay—get real aggressive representation that will mount the best possible defense for you. Contact Nashville DUI Attorney David Ridings for the very best legal advice and representation in Nashville!

Many criminal cases are lost because the defendant waited too long to contact a qualified criminal defense attorney. No matter the circumstances, anyone under investigation or facing criminal prosecution should retain the best possible attorney as early in the process as possible.

With so much at stake when facing DUI charges or any criminal charge for that matter, why would you risk everything by hiring representation that is substandard? You need the type of advocate like Nashville DUI Lawyer David Ridings. He has honed his attorney skills having learned from all sides of the criminal justice system. When the attorney representing your interests and fighting for your rights is also an expert in the workings of the court system and all its processes—you know you’re getting the full benefit in every aspect of building an aggressive defense. The consultation is free so call now!

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